The webinar “MSK MEDICINE IN ALPINE SKIING” will take place next Friday from 18:30 to 20:30 (CET). It aims to provide diagnostic and clinical skills for professionals working with skiers at any level.

At the end of the event, a 30′ interactive meeting with the participants and the speakers will be a unique networking opportunity.

The present e-mail makes it possible to obtain both the webinar registration and EXTREMESPORTMED annual membership for the discounted price of 45 € (instead of 90€).

The offer includes:
1. Registration to the two-hours webinar “MSK MEDICINE IN ALPINE SKIING.”
2. Registration to the mentioned 30′ interactive meeting.
3. Annual subscription to EXTREMESPORTMED, which allows being part of the community as per the Statute of the Society;
4. It also allows to get involved in the research projects and other activities, including those with universities and international sports federations;
5. It allows annual free access to the Telehealth platform, developed by the Society:
6. Annual free use of the peer-review platform made it by the scientific Society.

In addition, it gives also the possibility:
(in some cases, subject to specific terms and conditions):
• To take part in our Courses and Summer Schools;
• To take part in our events, including our International Forum;
• To be invited as a Member of the Faculty at our events;
• To be invited as a Speaker to our Conference and Courses;
• To request a personal e-mail address with the association’s name;
• To have a personal page on our Telehealth website with professional’s data, interests, and short CV;
• To be included in a Team of experts relative to a specific sport.